Worldwide Shady Contest

Worldwide Shady Contest

Hey, Stans! The four largest Shady fan platforms have prepared a huge surprise for you! For all the fans round the globe! No matter what language you speak, what country you are from! The whole world can participate!

To celebrate Eminem.Pro’s 5th and Southpawer’s 2nd anniversaries, we are launching a world wide lottery where the winner will get official Shady Records Eminem’s merchandise from the times of the Southpaw promo, and also a photo with an autograph of a Shady Records artist.

To take part in the lottery, all you have to do is:

1. Be a fan of a Shady-family artist;
2. Be subsrcibed to all of four Shady platforms (Eminem.Pro, Southpawer, Eminem Forever Blog и Shady Fan Blog);
3. Repost the post with the lottery info;
4. Tag your best friend in the comments to this post.

That’s it! Three lucky Stans will be selected randomly on August 1. They will get the main prize! Click here to read the detailed rules and complete description of the prize.

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