Eminem’s ‘Chloraspetic’ Remix With 2 Chainz And Phresher Is An Angry Response To Critics Of ‘Revival’

Eminem’s ‘Chloraspetic’ Remix With 2 Chainz And Phresher Is An Angry Response To Critics Of ‘Revival’

Eminem’s Revival album arrived last month to its fair share of critics. Despite becoming his eighth consecutive album to land at the top of the Billboard 200, it was widely-panned as one of Eminem’s worst albums to date. Another reason why fans weren’t happy with Slim Shady’s recent effort? A long rumored 2 Chainz collaboration didn’t make the final tracklist, much to the dismay of 2 Chainz himself.

Well, Em decided to fire back on both fronts. Not long after 2 Chainz promised that their collaboration was coming soon, it arrived today. The former Teta Chico didn’t make the album version of “Chloraseptic” but here he is on the remix, joining New York’s Phresher and Marshall Mathers himself, all three of them with brand new verses.

The most talked about moment from the “Chloraseptic” remix won’t be that 2 Chainz is actually on a track with Eminem, rather, it’s Eminem clapping back at critics who shelved Revival from the beginning. “Not as raw as I was, ‘Walk on Water’ sucks, b—-h suck my d–k / ya’ll saw the tracklist and had a fit ‘fore you heard it / so you formed your verdict while you sat with your arms crossed / did your little reaction videos and talked over songs / nah dog, ya’ll saying I lost it, your f——g marbles are gone,” Em raps on his nearly two-minute long verse. 2 Chainz spends his time comparing himself to the King of Akron and talking “straight up and down like six o’clock.”

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