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Eminem – Berzerk (ABC tonight at 8pm ET)

Eminem - Berzerk Cover 2013

Flip channel to ABC tonight at 8pm ET #NDvsPUR for debut of Eminem’s #BERZERK open just before kickoff on Saturday Night Football. @Eminem

Eminem ‘hungry’ to deliver ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’, return to hip hop roots, ‘Berzerk’ director says

Berzerk Eminem

DETROIT, MI – Eminem generated old school hip hop buzz this week with the debut of his ’90s-style video for “Berzerk,” and apparently is eager to deliver plenty more when his new album entitled “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” drops on Nov. 5.

MLive Detroit caught up with James Larese, the director of “Berzerk,” to get some insight about Slim Shady, the video shot in New York City and Detroit, and how all the cameos – including Rick Rubin, Kid Rock, Royce da 5’9″ and Kendrick Lamar – were coordinated. (more…)

Eminem: The Quiet Pioneer

Eminem Chrysler

In an era of #newrules, don’t overlook the Detroit MC’s trailblazing approach to marketing. (more…)

Eminem Partners With GameStop & “Call Of Duty” For “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” Bonus Edition


Fans who purchase “Call of Duty: Ghosts” at GameStop will be able to download a special edition of Eminem’s “The Marshall Mathers LP 2.” (more…)

Back to the Future: The Visual References in Eminem’s “Berzerk” Video

Eminem Berzerk 1

Eminem’s new single “Berzerk” is thrilling, throwback fun. And now it has a video to match. Released yesterday, the Syndrome-directed clip is just as full of references to ’80s-era rap as the Rick Rubin-produced song. Silly and colorful and stylish and wild, it features appearances from Rick Rubin, Kendrick Lamar, Kid Rock, Slaughterhouse, and The Alchemist. (more…)

Eminem Backed By Kendrick Lamar In ‘Berzerk’ Video Tease

2013.09.08 - Eminem - Berzerk Music Video (Teaser) Prewiew on ESPN 1

Producer Rick Rubin and Slaughterhouse also show up in clip that debuted during awkward ESPN appearance. (more…)

Eminem Ropes In Detroit Homey Kid Rock For ‘Berzerk’ Video

2013.09.08 - Eminem - Berzerk Music Video (Teaser) Prewiew on ESPN

Eminem and Kid Rock have repped hard for their hometown of Detroit for years. But other than a Slim Shady cameo on the 1998 song “F— Off” from Rocks’ breakthrough Devil Without a Cause album (just before Em blew up solo), the pair have almost exclusively flown their D-Town pride from frinedly, but neutral corners, rarely appearing or performing together. (more…)

Call of Duty: Ghosts Campaign Will Dovetail With Eminem’s MMLP2 Album and game both drop on Nov. 5 By Sam Thielman


November is an important month for Activision— on the fifth, Call of Duty: Ghosts lands with video gamers. But it’s also the day Eminem’s MMLP2 (short for The Marshall Mathers LP 2) comes out, and now that release is tied to the Call of Duty franchise. Both releases are big swings for their respective publishers—Activision and Interscope—and since both appeal to a young male demographic, the companies decided to sync up parts of their campaigns to make Eminem’s presence in Activision’s marketing more than a traditional celebrity endorsement. (more…)

“Call of Duty: Ghosts” And Eminem Come Together For Pre-Order Offer

Survival Eminem Call of Duty

Gamers who pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts at Gamespot will get a special offer to purchase Eminem’s new The Marshall Mathers LP 2 featuring a bonus studio track for a limited time. (more…)

EJ #31 Available Now

EJ Magazine Special #31 Available Now (happy birthday Eminem)


Merry #RapXmas to you!


EJ Magazine Special “Revival” Issue Available Now (First time in English)


EJ Magazine Special “Revival” Issue Available Now (First time in English)

EJ Special “Festival Season” Issue

EJ Magazine Special “Festival Season” Issue Available Now

EJ Magazine (First time in English)

EJ Magazine Special “Revival” Issue Available Now (First time in English)

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Ask About Revival Promo site


Ask About Revival Promo site


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