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Eminem In The Studio With Chris Rock

2013.09.07 - Eminem In The Studio With Chris Rock

Eminem is at the mic stand as the comedian-actor snaps a flick. (more…)

Eminem, Big Sean, Royce Da 5’9″ & Mr. Porter In The Lab

Eminem, Big Sean and Royce Da 5’9″ in studio 26.04.2013

Detroit’s finest gathered together in studio on Friday (26.04.2013), working on new music possibly? (more…)

Hip-Hop Rumors: Eminem Coming To Heat Up July 4th?


Funny. I was just listening to old Eminem last night. I’m talking about when he would still pop up on a mixtape or two. (more…)

Eminem Plots for a Summer Return


In the immortal words of the philosopher Cam’ron: it’s going to be a hot summer.

Eminem’s longtime manager Paul Rosenberg recently told Billboard that Eminem’s eighth studio album will be release «post-Memorial Day.» (more…)

Eminem’s 8th Solo Album Is Almost Complete

Eminem album 2013

If we waited for news from Eminem himself, we probably wouldn’t know anything about his upcoming solo album until it actually dropped, but his manager Paul Rosenberg recently revealed that it was due sometime after Memorial Day, and now Dr. Dre confirms that Shady is almost done perfecting the LP. (more…)

‘We Are Young’ Producer Wants To Work With Eminem

Jeff Bhasker would love to produce ’brilliant’ Slim Shady, hitting studio with Kanye soon. (more…)

Eminem mentioned among intended targets of attempted murder


London — Joss Stone’s potential murderer also planned to target Beyonce and Girls Aloud. Kevin Liverpool is appearing at Exeter Crown Court, South West England, with his affiliate Junior Bradshaw, 32, charged with plotting to kidnap and murder the ’You Had Me’ singer. (more…)

Royce Da 5’9″ Talks Return to Slaughterhouse, The Detroit Mentality and Eminem


Detroit is a different kind of town. Filled with contradictions, there is the beautiful waterfront views downtown, but in some neighborhoods, there is desolation and desperation. Detroit is a city that is feeling the pinch of its new smaller size after over a million of its residents (including this writer) relocated for warmer economic climates. In fact, the city was recently taken over by the state and appointed an emergency city manager.

Yet, as always with this city, there is hope. (more…)

Eminem Headlines New Festival «Glasgow Summer Sessions»


Detroit rap star Eminem will head overseas this summer, to headline a new music festival being held in The United Kingdom. (more…)

’Chappelle’s Show’: Best Musical Sketches – «8 Mile» Parody

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years today (Jan. 22) since the premiere of Dave Chappelle’s groundbreaking comedy series, «Chappelle’s Show.» Even more difficult to comprehend is that the show’s long-lasting impact came from only two full seasons of material (three technically speaking, but only the first two with Dave Chappelle’s blessing). Though many fans considered the show’s ending premature, there’s no denying that «Chappelle’s Show» did plenty in little time. (more…)

EJ Special “Festival Season” Issue

EJ Magazine Special “Festival Season” Issue Available Now

EJ Magazine (First time in English)

EJ Magazine Special “Revival” Issue Available Now (First time in English)


EJ Magazine Special “Revival” Issue Available Now (First time in English)


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