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Here Are Eminem’s ‘Walk on Water’ Lyrics Decoded

[World Premiere] Eminem feat. Beyonce — “Walk On Water” (The first track from the ninth studio album)

Eminem and Beyonce crashed Taylor Swift’s Reputation party on Friday (Nov. 10) with the release of their colossal collaboration “Walk on Water.” The Rick Rubin-produced track serves as the first single off Eminem’s forthcoming album, Revival. And on it, rather than knife his way through the track with his brash, animalistic delivery, Em enters a reflective state and addresses his insecurities regarding fame and his current standing in hip-hop. (more…)

Eminem Is Frustrated With ‘Mumble Rap,’ According to Rick Rubin

Eminem Is Frustrated With 'Mumble Rap,' According to Rick Rubin

Friday (Nov. 10), Eminem released his grim single “Walk on Water,” which called on Beyoncé for the tuneful assist. The track will appear on his forthcoming studio album, Revival. Hours later, a podcast hosted by the legendary Rick Rubin and award-winning author Malcolm Gladwell debuted with an episode of Broken Record​, featuring a conversation with Em to discuss a multitude of topics. (more…)

Eminem Is Performing a New Song At the 2017 EMA

Eminem Is Performing a New Song At the 2017 EMA

Eminem’s long-awaited comeback is finally happening this weekend at the 2017 EMA in London! The notorious Rap God will be performing his new single “Walk On Water” live for the first time on Sunday night. (more…)

Eminem‘s “Walk On Water” it’s a collaboration track with a “big superstar”

Eminem‘s "Walk On Water" it’s a collaboration track with a “big superstar"

Great news, friends! Our very trusted source, which we can not disclose, reported that Slim Shady is not returning alone. (more…)

Eminem officially confirmed his involvement in the “Revival”

Eminem officially confirmed his involvement in the "Revival"

Eminem officially confirmed his involvement in the “Revival” and even more tied up everybody. It’s not clear if it’s an album, or a track! (more…)

Eminem reportedly set to launch new album with ‘massive’ MTV EMAs performance

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL - MARCH 12:  Eminem performs during 2016 Lollapalooza Brazil Day 1 at the Interlagos circuit on March 12, 2016 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (Photo by Brazil Photo Press/LatinContent/Getty Images)

An ‘insider’ has spilled the beans on Slim Shady’s return. (more…)

BBC Radio 1 reckons Eminem’s going to show up at the 2017 MTV EMAs

BBC Radio 1 reckons Eminem's going to show up at the 2017 MTV EMAs

BBC Radio 1 host of the «Breakfast Show», Nick Grimshaw, during a live broadcast of the show speculated on the possibility of Eminem showing up at the 2017 MTV EMA awards show on November 12 in London. (more…)

Eminem’s stand of Revival is caught at ComplexCon 2017

Eminem's stand of Revival is caught at ComplexCon 2017

The hiphopdx reporter has recently talked to the “Revival” representative. ComplexCon visitors are even offered souvenirs with the Revival symbols. (more…)

Eminem gives his shoes to Small Steps Project charity

Once again Eminem takes part in the lives of struggling children and their families. (more…)

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